Advertising is important. It draws attention to you and ensures that you are not overlooked.

Especially if you want to launch a new product or offer a service that you want people to use, advertising definitely makes sense. But would you have thought that you can save real money on your advertising campaign if you use print products instead of purely online advertising? We would like to show you with a simple example that this is definitely possible.

Print products should be cheaper than online advertising?

Do you have a new product that is about to be launched? Maybe you run a restaurant or bar and want to generate more customers and have already planned to advertise on Facebook, Instagram and Google? But you might be missing out on a very cost-effective marketing channel with this one-sided strategy that can save you money or almost double your profit with the same budget.

We are talking about printed products. Advertising classics such as flyers, leaflets or posters can still work well in today's digital age.

How you can save money with print products - a practical example

And we're not just saying that here because we sell flyers and the like. I remember a Saturday in January when I witnessed such an advertising campaign live at the Plärrer underground station in Nuremberg. There, a young man handed me a flyer. There wasn't much to see on the front, it just said: "Get your heartbeat over 150 - legally". Encouraged by this statement, I turned the flyer over. Finally, on the back I found details of how I could join a new gym. A very cleverly thought-out marketing campaign.

The flyers were distributed in front of a busy metro station where there was a lot of foot traffic. There was a branch of this gym nearby. In addition, in January there are many passers-by with New Year's resolutions who are interested in going to a gym. The probability was high that this flyer was read by many potential customers. But what does such a campaign cost and how much money can I save through it?

What does such a campaign cost?

Let's assume that the campaign ran for 10 days. For us, the production of 9,000 flyers would cost about 850 €. On top of that, there's about 300 € for the design. Not to forget the two people who distribute the flyers for 2.5 hours a day (they only have to be present at lunchtime). For this we also charge another 450 €. This brings us to a total cost of around 1600 €. Ideally, the gym can expect 180 customers (i.e. a conversion rate of about 2 %) who spend 600 € per year each. This corresponds to a total turnover of 108,000 €.

How much money do we save now by using the flyers?

How does the flyer campaign relate to the cost-per-click (CPC)? The cost per click in the gym sector is currently €1.57 in Germany. In other words, to get 9,000 clicks would have cost the gym €14,000. To be fair, we should assume a different conversion rate here. Let's be generous and say the conversion rate is 6%, which is three times better than the flyer campaign. This would still cost 4600 € to achieve the same results. With the help of the flyer campaign, we would have saved almost twice the money in this case. To be fair, we have to add that these 540 new customers also bring in three times the annual turnover compared to the 180 customers we reached with the flyer campaign.

People who ignore print are ignoring a marketing channel that can sometimes be extremely cost-effective and run the risk of spending a lot of money unnecessarily that they could be using elsewhere. 

Conclusion: Campaigns like the one described here usually work better on a regional level than pure online advertising would. Used wisely, you can definitely save a bit of money with them. However, print is not always automatically more economical and effective than online advertising. The most sensible thing to do is to combine the two advertising options and include them in your marketing strategy. We wanted to create an incentive for this here.

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