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05 Aug The advantages of print products
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Most of us will have received printed communications of various kinds in the last few weeks, be it letters or a magazine. Maybe you've also had a flyer or two dropped in your letterbox, or picked up the latest product catalogue at the electronics sto..
17 Feb Impress visually and haptically with foil finishing
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Glamorous appearances, impressive advertising impact and products that you don't want to let out of your sight or out of your hands - all this is possible with print enhancements. But what options are there for enhancing print products? And for which..
07 Oct How Refined Prints Arouse Emotions in Viewers and Increase the Will to Buy
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Does advertising actually still work? According to studies, people today are exposed to an average of 10,000 to 13,000 advertising messages confronted - and the trend is rising. The result is what researchers call advertising blindness: Consumers see..
11 Apr Saving Money with Print Campaigns
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Advertising is important. It draws attention to you and ensures that you are not overlooked.Especially if you want to launch a new product or offer a service that you want people to use, advertising definitely makes sense. But would you have thought ..
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