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Printing technology

Are you interested in the protagonists of our printing and finishing production? We would be happy to tell you more about our technology highlights and their core competencies in a few sentences below. If we have not yet quenched your thirst for knowledge, please feel free to contact us with your questions via our social channels / the contact form / the chat on the site. We would be very happy to give you even more insights into the printing industry.


Gold? Hologram? Gloss? Metallic? Finishing the way you want it. With our Scodix Ultra Pro™ we offer you very individual possibilities to enhance your printed products both haptically and visually. You can choose between gold, silver and copper foil. Alternatively, you can of course also choose a refinement using relief varnish to turn your product into a high-quality and exclusive one-off.

HP INDIGO 12.000

With up to 4,600 B2 colour sheets per hour, the HP Indigo is a key element in our production workflow. This flagship of the digital printing industry makes it possible for us to print in sheet formats of up to 75 x 53 cm. In summary: Fast // Large // Quality // Smart